Construction school receives donation

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Brayton (second from the left) receiving the $85,600 donation from the Louisiana Contractor's Education Trust Fund.

Gwendolyn Ducre

The School of Construction Management received a $85,600 donation from the Louisiana Contractor’s Education Trust Fund. The donation is going to be used to help renovate areas of the construction building and better suit the learning for students.

The donation was formally handed to Edward Brayton, director of The School of Construction Management, said he was happy about this donation.

“I was extremely excited about the donation the Contractor’s have stepped up again to make this digital media installation a reality,” Brayton said.

Brayton said with the help of the donation, classrooms will receive digital media presentation systems instead of chalkboards.

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Brayton (second from the left) receiving the $85,600 donation from the Louisiana Contractor’s Education Trust Fund.

“The faculty will be able to make Powerpoint presentations and they will be able to use the system to clarify point by marking up the document being presented,” said Brayton. “Plus, it allows us to capture items from the Internet to improve the students understanding.”

Vincent Anderson, a senior construction major said, he’s happy with this improvement.

“I am glad that more classrooms will have better technology. It was pretty difficult to understand some images that the instructors drew on the chalk board,” Anderson said.

The school will install three Digital Media Presentation Systems and install the cabling necessary to create a new Construction computer room.

Brayton said he expects students will better their presentation skills by utilizing Power Points and presentation software in their presentations. These Powerpoints can then be downloaded onto Moodle for students to review.

The Contractor’s on the ULM Industry Advisory Council have also allocated $90,000 using their endowment accounts. This will be used to install new fan coils and renovate four classrooms by removing all wallpaper, ceiling tile and flooring. The building will also receive all new carpeting, ceiling work and the walls will be painted. The rooms will also be refurnished.