English professor releases children’s book


Gwendolyn Ducre

He’s an English professor during business hours, but an author everyday of the week. His passion for writing books is endless and takes him on trip anywhere he wishes to go. This time, he invites children to go on a trip for themselves in his book, “Rio Grande Valley ABC.”

Rickey Pittman takes children on a journey of Rio Grande Valley as they

Rickey Pittman, eULM English professor
Rickey Pittman, eULM English professor

learn their alphabets. He says he enjoys writing for children because everyone remembers their favorite children’s book.

“It’s the teacher in me and knowing how influential books were in my childhood, or picture book,” he said. “It just fuels children’s imaginations, and I want to give them something to think about, be happy about and remember.”

Writing about the Rio Grande Valley seemed to be ideal for Pittman, since it became a home away from home. He says children can learn so much about the Valley whether it’s its history or culture.  Though there are many books about the Valley, there aren’t any for children.

“I like to think that this is a book that ESL students can use and teachers can use because there is some Spanish in the book,” he said.

This is not the first time Pittman’s work will be on the shelves. This book is his sixth children’s book but his 13th book in total.

Pittman  teaches English for eULM, Louisiana Delta Community College and Virginia College Online.

Pittman has also started a music career with two albums under his belt, ‘Bard of the South’ and ‘A Lover’s Ghost’. He hopes his music career will be as successful as his writing and teaching career.

His books can be found anywhere on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble.