Louisiana leaders exposed during adultery site hack

Olivia Barfield

Jason Doré is Executive Director of the Louisiana Republican Party. He’s married, and  a registered user of Ashley Madison.

Ryan Heck is a Baton Rouge Council Member representing the Republican Party. He’s running for a state representative seat. He’s also married. And he’s also got an account on Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison is a web site that hosts a meeting ground for extra-marital affairs, and it recently underwent a security breach that exposed thousands of users, past and present.

You may have heard about this because Josh Duggar made the list. along with two of Louisiana’s finest. Duggar is known for his appearances on the TLC family show 19 Kids and Counting, a now-cancelled television show about his ever-growing family.

I wasn’t too surprised about Duggar. His adulterous dating life made a big splash on social media, but after following his delayed molestation scandal earlier this year in which he admitted to molesting 5 girls while in his teens, it wasn’t shocking.

Who I didn’t expect to be on the list were Louisiana Republican Party leaders. I’ve been led to believe that one of the most important objectives of this party is to protect the sanctity of marriage.

I don’t think that’s what Ashley Madison had in mind.

Both Doré and Heck have denied using the site for “romantic” reasons.

Doré reportedly spent $175.98 on Ashley Madison, which he signed up for two years ago. According to Doré, it was just for research.

Doré’s defense is that he was using it for his law firm, which he say’s is “the state’s leading opposition research firm.”

They were just using it to dig up some dirt, says Doré. It’s not completely unbelievable.

In retrospect, he probably wishes that he hadn’t used his personal credit card.

It’s also interesting that you can browse Ashley Madison without paying anything. You’re face the fees when you want to start connecting.

I want to know what kind of “opposition research” required $175.98 of connecting with a personal credit card.

Heck’s excuse seems just as shaky. He denies spending any money on the site, and says that he did it “as a joke.”

What the Heck? I’m not sure what’s so funny about cheating.

Hopefully, the experiences of Doré and Heck will serve as examples to the rest of us. Don’t think that you won’t get caught. And even if your intentions don’ t match up with the worst scenario possible, don’t think that people won’t assume the worst about you.

Playing around and spending money on an infidelity site doesn’t gain my respect, regardless of if  Doré  and Heck  are actually online cheaters or not. In the end, I don’t get the final say on that.

I’ll let their wives decide.