‘Beer Mile’ raises funds for track team

Traneshia Stormer

Fundraising just got a little more interesting.

The ULM and Monroe community came together for the Michelob Ultra Beer Mile to raise money for the ULM track and field team on Saturday night.

“We wanted to do something cool and different,” Nathan Hall said.

As the organizer of the event, he said, “This is something fun for the community to get involved with.”

He hopes they reached their goal and also bought more awareness to the team.

The race consisted of two heats. For each heat, both males and females competed.

Racers drank an entire can of beer, holding it over their head to show it was empty before taking off and then ran a quarter of a mile or one lap.

After each mile, they drank another can of beer.

This cycle continued until they ran a full mile. Four beers – four laps- one mile.

If any of the runners vomited – the consequence was not only a stand full on onlookers staring and laughing, but they also had to fun a fifth lap. However, they did not have to drink another beer.

The crowd in the stands cheered runners on as they completed each lap.

Seth Hall won first place in the first heat and overall male runner with seven minutes and 28 seconds.

“This was a fun event for those twenty-one and older and a great way to give back to the university,” Seth Hall said.

Seth Hall is the Director of High School Recruiter and was on the cross-country team when he attended ULM.

He said he enjoys any chance to give back and he had a super fun time.

Tara Elmore, member of FitRight Active, thought the event sounded like a fun time for a good cause. She enjoyed being able to have some fun while also supporting a good cause.

Elmore won second place in the second heat with twelve minutes and thirty-eight seconds.

First, second and third place winners were awarded trophies made out of beer cans.