Frat members pay price for violations

ULM Hawkeye

The University of South Carolina suspended 13 fraternity chapters from recruiting new members last week after reports of alcohol violations.

The school’s Fraternity Council stopped activities for the chapters after they were accused of serving alcohol in front  of potential new members.

Jonathan Withrow said all fraternities were warned not to have any controlled substances at an emergency meeting prior to the incident.

“Many organizations clearly did not take the meeting  seriously,” said Withrow, vice president of conduct for the University of South Carolina Fraternity Council.

Withrow said “more drastic measures must be taken” because this isn’t the first time this has happened at the university.

Two USC fraternities lost their chapters last fall for alcohol and hazing violations.

A similar case occurred at The University of Louisiana at Monroe two years ago, which resulted in a fraternity’s suspension.

According to The News Star, the Kappa Sigma fraternity was suspended   after reportedly making the “pledges” drink excessive amounts of alcohol at a party, resulting in alcohol poisoning “in at least one pledge.”

ULM fraternities recently held their recruiting events, and Javon Simms said they are still held to that same standard.

Simms is a part of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity who said the campus Greek advisor recently held a meeting with all fraternity members.

“He discussed various policies such as when we can use alcohol and when we can’t,” said Simms, a junior kinesiology major.

Simms said that if a ULM Greek organization is having an event either on or off campus and there’s alcohol involved, they “have to go through paperwork for it.”

“In some fraternities you can’t even be caught drinking while wearing your letters,” Simms said.

Simms said the only time they don’t need permission are for the school tailgating events before games.

Simms also said it’s important for frats to give the best impression wherever they are, especially when it comes to showcasing their fraternity to incoming freshmen.

“It’s looks bad on fraternities and sororities period, when fraternities serve alcohol to people who show interest,” Simms said.

Meanwhile, the USC chapters must discuss the violations with the Fraternity Council before they can begin recruiting more members.

courtesy: MCT CAMPUS