Project 17 passes football knowledge to international students

Josh Dean

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As a P-40 fighter jet races across the jumbotron flanked by two Warhawks and students’ voices soar in anticipation, there are some that are left on the ground.

The end of summer foretells the beginning of football season, and in American and the South this is a time like no other. Grills are broken out and jerseys worn with pride as the great American tradition of tailgating begins.

But for the great body of international students at ULM football is a sport they’ve only just been introduced to.

“I know a little bit, as in I know what a scrimmage is, but besides knowing it’s similar to rugby I don’t know a whole lot. I’d like to know more about the rules and how the scoring works”, said Laxman Adhikari, a freshman computer science major.

Project 17 decided to change that. The group, which comprises several ministries on campus along with the brothers of Chi Alpha, has been holding a football crash course for several years now.

Rajat Sarawgi, an RA at Madison and international student himself, decided to team up with Project 17 to help bring more students into the fold.

“With the coming of fall there will be football every weekend and international students do not know a lot about the sport. They go to the game and they get their free t-shirts and everything, but they’re not able to completely enjoy it,” said Sarawgi, a sophomore computer science major.

The crash course held at the Wesley included watching football highlights and going over the game rules.

The students there look forward to getting out and cheering on the team in their first home game, but also in joining in on the tailgating.

“I like walking around as the tailgating is going on and meeting new people. I’m also eager to cheer on the Warhawks with my fellow students”, said Monica Lim, a senior English language and literature major.