Indulge in mental, physical vacation

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Indulge in mental, physical vacation

Pujan Dahal

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Yoga’s popularity had boomed since the development of social media and technology in lifestyle.

It can have a personal or spiritual impact upon the lives of many people.

“I have mild scoliosis. Yoga has belittled my spine pain. It comes with no side effects.” said Vanelis Rivera, a yoga instructor.

Yoga teaches techniques for self-health relaxation and inner fulfillment helping us navigate life’s challenges with much ease.

Muna Tripathi said yoga energizes her. It takes away “the worldly burdens.”

“We all are born with some innate hidden skills. Yoga helps us find them,” said Tripathi, a computer information systems major.

Tripathy’s roommate, Nirjala Parajuli, has given yoga a shot but she finds the Pranayams yoga postures to be very clumsy. Parajuli will find herself uploading photos or tweeting while sitting on the yoga mat. It’s not for everyone.

Student, Maddie McCannon, show cases her best yoga moves.

Student, Maddie McCannon, show cases her best yoga moves.

Yoga postures are meant to strengthen the body from the inside out. Yogis don’t just look good, they feel good too.

“Yoga develops understanding of body mechanics, healthy movement patterns and ideal postural alignment,” Rivera said.

Yoga also unclutters the mind and can help keep students focused in their studies.

“It improves the memory power and concentration which leads to decreased anxiety” said Rivera.

Freshman Elias Keter said within a couple of years into practicing yoga, he found himself disillusioned with medicine.

“I got rid of my frequent headaches. It’s not difficult to manage time for Yoga. Even breathing correctly counts,” Keter said.

Yoga opens greater qualities of kindness, compassion and nonviolence providing healthy way to experiment.

Take risks and explore the body through different forms of exercise that appeal to you.

Exercise and yoga especially, serve as a self-vocation to keep calm.

Yoga’s benefits revolve around the reflection on those unseen part of our lives– it proves as the ultimate pamper session for both the body and the mind.