Computing Center considers printing changes

Olivia Barfield

Computing Center directors spoke to SGA senators Thursday about how it will adjust the new printing system so that students have access to as many prints as they need for class.

Chance Eppinette, director of the computing center, said the new print system that charges students more for printing a double-sided page was not intended for profit.

“The [old system] was never set up as we intended it to be. The duplex prints were only counted as one print,” Eppinette said.

The new system is now charging how the old system should have charged all along, according to computing center staff.

Now, instead of charging one charge per page regardless of if it’s printed front and back, the system charges 1.5 prints for a double-sided page.

Because of higher charges, students have lost 50 double sided prints or 100 pages worth of text.

The Computing Center is looking into making changes into how students print so that running out of available prints won’t happen.

One option considered is rollover prints, which would allow unused prints to roll over to the next week.

Another option is crediting students with a set number of prints one-time, at the beginning of the semester.  Students would probably have 2400 prints per semester.

This would allow students to allocate their prints in a way that’s best for them. Students could then have more prints during crucial times that may require more than 150 prints, like syllabus week or weeks full of exams.

There is also an option of allowing students to purchase more prints when they run out.

According to Eppinette, additional pages would likely be about one cent each.

SGA senators also brought up the option of sharing prints. Many students already share prints by allowing friends to access their accounts using their username and password.

Senators were also interested in a more secure way to share.

The Computing Center also revealed that changes to Warhawk email will be changed very soon.

Plans to switch from Zimbra email service to Office 365 have been in the works for a while now and administration is looking to make the switch as soon as possible, maybe even as early as fall break.