Alan’s Car Talk: ArkLaMiss launches Madfest auto festival

Alan Rawles

The automotive culture of Northern Louisiana could be getting a boost in performance soon.

Local automotive performance shop, MadTunes Racing plans on giving the area the recognition that is due.

MadTunes Racing held a fundraiser for a car festival that owner Jason Madden wants to see come to life.

Madden has been planning MadFest for a few years now. MadFest is planned be a huge car and truck culture event similar to the Sturgis motorcycle rally.

Madden became passionate for MadFest because he wanted to have something that embodied car and truck people.

MadFest plans to have events such as: a street legal one-half mile drag race, truck pulls and automotive themed movies shown at the local theatre.

The fundraiser for MadFest was used primarily as a way to promote MadFest.

Various events at the fundraiser included an exhaust competition and a burnout competition. One hundred percent of the proceeds went to the West Carroll Chamber of Commerce in preparation of MadFest.

Madden said that if for some reason MadFest does not receive approval, the money will be used for other Parish sponsored events.

While MadFest does not have a specific time, Madden has already spoken to various groups who would be involved in approving the festival to happen.

The mayor of Oak Grove is very much in favor of MadFest.

Madden is very passionate about the idea of a huge automotive event happening in the north Louisiana area.

His goal is for the event to cater to the local and national automotive culture and to help improve recognition for the area.

MadFest has not been officially approved by the West Carroll Chamber of Commerce, but the idea of how great of an impact MadFest could be is sure to bring attention to the Oak Grove community.