Calhoun takes crown 2 consecutive years


Kandice Johnson

Rino Nicholas walked in and scanned the dressing room for his heels.

With makeup, hair and dress in place, Nicholas was ready to transform into Cho Khan Deek.

Deek was the host for the 2015 Miss(ter) Georgia Southern pageant. He kept the room in constant laughter.

“ULM needs someone to do it and make it fun,” said Nicholas, a third year senior pharmacy student.

Seven contestants competed for the crown Tuesday night in the 1950s-themed pageant.

The pageant is a mock pageant put on every year during homecoming to make fun of the opposing team.

Marc Anthony Calhoun was, once again, crowned first winning $400.

“I’ve been a part of this competition for three years now and the laughter has only grown bigger and louder,” said Calhoun, a senior biology major.

Christopher Adkins placed second winning $200 and Arman Arcilla placed third winning $100.

The pageant opened featuring these “dollies” performing with a dance routine to the Temptations’ song “My Girl.”

There was also an interview portion, a talent show and sports and evening wear as part of the competition.

Each category had its share of comedy, from wall-“twerking” to wigs in the air, but nothing could top Ah’Dika Me’Down’s (Calhoun’s) lap dance for the homecoming king, Bryson Belaire, during the talent show.

Gregg Holdiness, a sophomore instrumental music education major, said it was “not what I expected…it was more.”

It was his first year attending and he thought the show was beyond funny and exciting.

The Miss(ter) pageant is one of the longest running homecoming traditions and has been the most attended, said Laura Jennings, director of Student Life and Leadership.