British heartthrob creates big bang

Cory Thaxton

Where have you been James Bay?

James Bay is a British alternative singer and songwriter. He released his debut album “Chaos and The Calm” in March 2015.

James Bay is the biggest breathe of fresh air since the 80’s.

His lyrics are so tender and wise, wiser than any 25-year-old is expected to be. His musical compositions are perfection, and his arrangements are simply acoustic and magical.

His guitar ability is that of someone who spent years just playing and playing. He plays so smooth and comfortably as if the guitar is an extension of himself.

His voice is so emotional: heavenly at times, gravelly at others, loud and soft. His dynamics are impeccable and he sounds the same live as recorded.

Bay is the real deal.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s why you should listen to James Bay. He’s a real musician. His voice and songwriting bring about so much soul and grit.

The words, the emotion behind it and the genius of the guitar playing comes together to create this beautiful raw artist, and not to mention very handsome.

I really appreciate when I can feel the pain an artist experienced.

In his song “Let It Go” he exposes the struggles of maintaining a relationship that’s being tested. He sings, shifting from a beautiful raspy aching growl to a pleading falsetto.

My favorite song of his, “Move Together,” revisits his sorrows: “How we gonna breathe? How we gonna be together? Just keeping the peace between the sheets.”

The act of sex, between you and your lover, is passionate, yet it manipulates your hearts into believing the relationship is pure and free of scars, making you oblivious to your blemished relationship. That’s what this song is about.

The messages told through his music haven’t really been discussed before by other artists and for that I thank him. He is such an inspiration and, in a way, that makes me proud of him.

He is really going places, I can tell.