Pixar sequal takes high rating

Cory Thaxton

Hotel Transylvania 2

I am a big kid at heart that loves animated movies and this one is perfection.

Gloriously wacky and always with a laugh around the corner, “Hotel Transylvania 2” is fun, fast and a joy for both kids and adults alike.

You’re going to hear some bad things about “Hotel Transylvania 2.” That’s because it’s animated, but not Pixar. Plus, it’s a sequel. And it includes Adam Sandler doing a wacky voice.

But I’m here to tell you that this movie is great and genuinely funny. I actually laughed out loud quite a bit.

There is some amazing adult humor. It’s not a film just for kids, there are a lot of jokes that are just going to go right over their heads.

The animation is beautiful, allowing the film’s spooky and peculiar world to come to life.

Basically if you liked the first “Hotel Transylvania” you’ll probably enjoy this film as well because it’s very similar. That’s kind of a flaw because there isn’t anything particularly new or ground-breaking, but it is certainly a fun family experience for the Halloween season.

Set 7 years after the original, “Hotel Transylvania 2” starts off at the wedding of Count Dracula’s (Adam Sandler) daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) to Johnny (Andy Samberg), who just so happens to be a human.

Soon after the ceremony it’s revealed that Mavis is pregnant, and she ultimately gives birth to a son, Dennis.

Now that Dracula has opened the hotel’s doors to humans, things are changing for the better; however, Drac is secretly worried that his half-human grandson, Dennis, isn’t showing his vampire side.

It is, at times remarkably corny but for the most part, “Hotel Transylvania 2” is a whole lot of wholesome fun and thoroughly entertaining.

The classic story of accepting your kids how they are, understanding each other and the importance of family, might not be very original, but “Hotel Transylvania 2” has a lot of heart.

Hotel Transylvania receives a solid five stars.