Greek organizations team-up for one cause

ULM Hawkeye

ULM’s Alpha Phi Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta are partnering up in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

These Greeks decided that teaming up will make it easier to reach both genders in the student community.

“Anybody can be a target,” said Isaac Hardman, a sophomore risk management and insurance major.

Hardman is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha who learned that “one percent of breast cancer appears in men.” He said facts like these are making him take his health more seriously.

“It’s making me hold myself responsible and making sure I’m getting checked regularly,” Hardman said.

Hardman said he also learned that there’s a “parallel” between the food we eat and developing breast cancer.

“The long term effects of us not caring for our bodies right now is breast cancer manifesting itself in the same ways that we’re manifesting these horrible diets we have now,” Hardman said.

Hardman said they hope to “spur a change” in their peers by educating them on cancer as much as possible.

Hardman said his fraternity is also pairing up with Delta Sigma Theta on Oct. 20 for a “Breast Cancer Forum” in the SUB Ballrooms.