Scholarship funding request creates conflict

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Scholarship funding request creates conflict

Olivia Barfield

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Kappa Sigma was denied a scholarship Tuesday to make breast cancer awareness t-shirts to sell for benefit of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

The motion had to be voted on twice due to too many senate members  “abstaining” their vote at the last meeting,

“It has to be a legitimate reason why you can’t vote, like a religious reason,” said SGA President Marc Calhoun.

To “abstain” means to not participate in the voting progress. This causes the number of active voters to decrease. If not enough members vote, the vote doesn’t meet forum and the request must be voted on.

RSO Scholarships are for the Registered Student Organizations at ULM. If an RSO wants one, a representative of the group must present their case to the SGA Senate and request funds.

SGA Senator Mitch Guidry stated the reason for why he and many others did not vote.

“The Susan G. Komen Foundation supports Planned Parenthood, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation donates $700,000 dollars annually to Planned Parenthood, and Planned Parenthood openly supports abortion and the selling of fetal and infantile corpse parts,” Guidry said.

SGA Adviser Laura Jennings noted that there was some confusion over the issue.

“Ninety-seven percent of planned Parenthood’s funds go to things like cancer screening, said Jennings. “The three percent that is spent on abortions is all private donations. Susan G. Komen is not in any way paying for abortions.”

The Nepalese Student Association was granted a scholarship for Nepali Night, their upcoming event. Nepali Night will be a night full of entertainment and food that celebrates Nepalese culture.

Phi Mu was granted a scholarship for their philanthropy event called Catfish and Khakis. This will be a catfish dinner sale benefitting Children’s Miracle Network.

The Senate also voted to provide pumpkins to Up ‘til Dawn’s Hawktoberfest, to invest in an event banner, and to take on one-third of 31 Ambassador’s t-shirt swap.

SGA’s budget is $590, 357.76.