How to recognize domestic abuse

Pujan Dahal

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Shaina Frost told students Thursday  that jeaolusy was the root of dating violence.

“We have an innate ability to be jealous,” said Frost, from the Wellspring Counseling and Family Development Center.

Frost said jealousy often causes people to react with a controlling behvior.

“Dating violence is the pattern of behaviors that one person uses to gain power and control over others,” Frost said.

“It is not an isolated incident, but a series of controlling and manipulating behaviors.”

Frost said that dating violence is “complementary” to domestic violence.

She said it can be physical, emotional or psychological abuse. She also said that it can be economic, sexual or spiritual abuse.

“Dating violence is the viscous circle of power and control,” said Frost. “The abuser may intimidate, use children or even threat the victim.”

Frost said that every 9 seconds in the USA a woman is assaulted or beaten and that one in three women and one in four men have been physically abused by an intimate partner.

She also said that Louisiana has the fourth highest rate of women murdered by men in a year.

“Men struggle with identity,” said Frost. “They have the feeling of emasculation and fear to ask for help. Hence, a man refrains from sharing his experience.”

Chareaveon Tubbs said she would reach out to the person struggling

Tubbs said if she ever witnesses a situation where she suspects someone is being abused, she will be as senstitive as possible.

“I will listen first without being judgmental. If he or she doesn’t respond to me, I will focus on his or her needs and feelings,” said Tubbs, a sophomore pre-nursing major. “I will not criticize at any cost.”

Frost said that even though people identify themselves as victims they  don’t leave because of the fear that abuser’s violent behavior will escalate.

She said that if violence exceeds  the limit, the best thing is to dial 911. Frost said that victims can also call the Wellspring Crisis Hotline.