Recreating Dashain rituals on campus

Pujan Dahal

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The Nepalese community celebrated the annual Hindu festival of Navaratri, popularly known as Dashain, by wearing their cultural attire last week.

“The cultural depiction gives us an opportunity to be proud of our diversity”, said Kiran Dangol, president of the Nepalese Student’s Association (NSA).

“It also gives us an opportunity to showcase our traditions. Moreover, it’s a great way to keep the culture alive.”

Dangol said the event aims to “recreate” the festive atmosphere of Dashain at ULM so that Nepalese students get a chance to celebrate and recall their cultural festivals.

“Events like these help bring Nepalese students together where every one of us learns more about each other and also more about our culture,” Dangol said.

Dangol said this year’s celebration was anticipated with “great enthusiasm” due to the increased number of talented and committed Nepalese students.

Atmesh Acharya couldn’t wait for the celebration to get here and said he remembers what he would be doing if he was home this time of year.

“I would probably be playing a game of cards or flying my kite in this time of the year,” said Amtesh, a freshman computer science major. “My mom would buy me new clothes for Dashain.”

Acharya said the festival of Dashain lasts for about ten days during which goddess Durga, the goddess of power and her different forms are worshipped.

“My country must be in a festive mood right now,” said Acharya. “It’s the greatest festival back home.”

Dangol said this annual event shows that even though students are away from home, there’s a community of students who are out there to support them along the way.

“The event encompasses a typical banquet event with cultural performances like traditional dance, Nepal cuisine and more,” Dangol said.