SGA president says excuses stunt student body growth


Olivia Barfield

Marc Calhoun quoted the poem “Excuses” as he spoke to SGA senators about the need for help in upcoming campus activities.

“Excuses are tools of incompetence which build monuments of nothing, and those who chose to use them seldom achieve anything greater,” said Calhoun, SGA president.

Calhoun addressed the many opportunities that senators have to help out and their duty to act upon those opportunities.

Thursday’s Halloween Ball provided the senators with plenty of opportunities to help out.

Everyone was required to work a shift.

“It’s right there. We have to pull it together and get it going. I think that everything is going to come together nicely and hopefully everybody will have a great time and enjoy themselves,” said Colbren Thomas, head of the campus projects committee.

Kaitlin Neal, SGA secretary, gave senators advice about the productive ways to spend their office hours.

“I know that school is important to you and that homework is important, but let’s be aware of when there are things to be done in the office,” said Neal, feeding into the night’s theme of “no excuses.”

As Calhoun put it, everyone should put their best effort into everything that they take on.

Calhoun especially encouraged senators to put extra effort into SGA events and activities.

“There are plenty of ways that senators can help around the SGA office, even if they don’t have much time,” Calhoun said.

According to Calhoun, this could help things run more smoothly for SGA.

“I want everyone to take that and run with it for every event that we hold, because we are a great organization with great people and we want to show everybody that, including each other,” said Calhoun, in reference to not making excuses.

Laura Jennings, SGA adviser, also chimed in to say that helping out a little can contribute largely to the bigger picture.

Little things can also take a lot of pressure off of others.

“It’s amazing how much better it makes anybody feel just to hear someone say, ‘Hey, what can I help you with?’ or ‘What can I do?’” Jennings said.

“Even if there’s not something we can immediately give you to do, just the fact that you cared enough to ask can make somebody’s day.”

According to Bryson Belaire, SGA treasurer, RSO scholarships are still in the process of being given away.

Those will be voted on in the upcoming meeting on Nov. 3 in the Student Center.