Sivan serenades YouTube audience

Cory Thaxton

Do not dismiss Troye Sivan as just another artist that got their big break on youtube.

His music is extremely unique and you can tell he puts 100 percent of his heart and soul into everything he makes.

The 20-year-old openly gay Australian artist hit the music scene last year with his debut Extended Play (EP), “TRXYE”, the five songs were good enough to keep the EP at No.1 on the iTunes U.S. Albums Chart for 50 days.

He was even named as one of the most influential teens of 2014 by Time Magazine.

Now, more than a year later, he’s back with his sophomore EP “Wild.”

Sivan is ready to release his debut album “Blue Neighborhood” later this year.

I am so happy that Sivan is finally releasing an entire album.

He has so much talent and this album is just going to give him more of the recognition that he deserves.

I know “Blue Neighborhood” is going to be incredibly moving, deep and rich in both lyrical meaning and music.

It’s fair to say Sivan has the kind of voice made for layering over heavy electric sounds.

This is exhibited in my favorite song of his, “FOOLS,” a song that perfectly balances Sivan’s voice and the instrumental.

The hook, “I see swimming pools and living rooms and airplanes. I see a little house on the hill and children’s names. I see quiet nights poured over ice and Tanqueray, but everything is shattering and it’s my mistake. Only fools fall for you,” is pure poetry.

This song is about falling for the wrong person, but you can’t help it–you still want them.

Why should you be listening to Troye Sivan?

Simple. All of his songs are amazing with a very good sound to them including his superb vocals and very impressive music to correspond with his emotional lyrics that anyone can relate to.

Not only is his music amazing but I know that his heart, soul, and thoughts went into every chord, lyrics, and song throughout the 16 songs that will be on his album.

His music can be heartbreaking but it is also heartwarming and for that, I thank him.