ULL game ultimate jewel of ULM schedule

Josh Dean

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It was a warm autumn day in 1951 when two teams stepped out on the grid iron to battle it out for 60 minutes.

Little did people know that this would turn into a Titanic struggle that would be ongoing decades later.

Not long after the Cold War began and the United States found its eternal foe in the USSR so did ULM find its adversary.

ULM’s annual clash with ULL has transcended the normal intensity of Saturday night football in the South.

It has gone into the realms of a rivalry.

Even in the midst of a losing or faltering season, the team can always find resurgence in a win versus ULL.

The school from the city of Lafayette has become the New York Yankees of the Boston Red Sox.

Or the Greenbay Packers of the Chicago Bears.

The rivalry has become something that excites even the casual football fan.

It has provided our school with an epic showdown to look forward to each an every year.

Just as the Jedi will always find an antagonist in the Sith and those who go down the path of the darkside so too will ULM find a foe in ULL.

Each year the game against ULL is circled on the calender and made a priority.

Wins againt top-ranked teams such as number eight Arkansas in 2012 or Alabama in 2006 will always be remembered.

But nothing stokes the fire in the belly like talking about an upcoming game againt The Rajun Cajuns..

The rivalry has created a fun and electric atmosphere around our teams.

The game brought 19,544 people alone to the stands last year.

This is after our team limped into the game with a subpar 3-6 record.

It was trivial to our overall standings in the Sunbelt Conference but that didn’t matter.

Something much more important was at stake that night: pride and bragging rights.

The South is a place filled with tradition and old habits.

The rivarly between ULM and ULL personifies this.

The Ragin’ Cajuns hold the all-time lead in the battle 25-24.

It was time to take bragging rights back, but we fell with a devastating Halloween loss.