SGA prepares for Lunch with the President

Olivia Barfield

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The Student Government has had a full agenda this semester, and important upcoming events still exist on the agenda as the semester winds down.

At SGA’s regular business meeting last week, the focus was on Lunch with the President, a luncheon that SGA holds every semester with administration.

At the luncheon, senators address concerns that they and their fellow students have concerning ULM.

“This is your opportunity to take everything that you’ve heard from students this semester and to actually talk to the people that can make a difference. So this is kind of what your semester in SGA has been culminating to,” said Laura Jennings, SGA adviser.

SGA often hosts “Let’s Talk, Warhawks” sessions around campus in which they ask students fun and serious questions and then gather their ideas and opinions on a white board.

Senators plan to bring up information gathered by students at “Lets Talk, Warhawks” at the luncheon.

They were not only encouraged to prepare to represent their peers at Lunch with the President but also to promote other upcoming events such as Parents’ Day and Mardi Gras Court elections.

Parents’ Day will take place on Nov. 14 along with the Browse on the Bayou event.

Mardi Gras Court elections will take place before winter break this year, which is different than in past years.

Election results will be posted not only with the names of those who ran, but also with the number of votes that each runner secured.

SGA’s budget was at $53,330.07 this week, according to Treasurer Bryson Belaire.

Belaire said that several funds still need to be taken out of the account, such as expenses for Halloween Ball and prize money from Collection Week.