Don’t complain to God

Pujan Dahal

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Want to score a homerun? Pay a visit to God.

Is your child doing poorly in school? Well, God is always there.

Drowning in debt? No problem, you have God in your court.

Many people pay God a visit to solve and eliminate hindrances in their lives. They expect God to solve their problems so that life can continue smoothly.

But why are we so quick to involve God in our shortcomings?

According to Hindu beliefs, any wrongdoings can be neutralized by frequent visits to God. This basically means that even a sinner can rebook a ticket to Heaven, even if their actions had them destined for Hell.

Maybe, if the individual had avoided being immoral in the first place, their frequent visits to God could be avoided.

I believe in avoiding erroneous acts rather than attempting correction. As they say, “prevention is better than cure.”

Many run to God for reasons other than evil deeds. Frustration drags many to the holy place of God’s residence as well.

When talented people aren’t as successful as they hoped to be, failure makes them knock on God’s door. Often, poor management skills and lack of a self-reviving attitude finally end in frustration.

In order to avoid this, acquiring an absolute and sound mindset is a must. Casting all your cares on God is not.

We always run to God with our problems, but we are never worried about the problems He may have! When I asked a friend about the number of times he had asked God about His problems, he replied,  “none!”

How natural is it for you to respond to any situation with, “Oh my God!?”

Very natural. We call on God habitually, without thinking.

Instead, we should remember that God’s time is important.

Deity seems as if it is remembered only during harsh times, and not good ones. I, on the other hand, enjoy continuously sharing my successes with God.

God isn’t there to only hear about our troubles, he is here to share in our joyous times as well.

By going to God when I am happy instead of only when I need him, I am not holding him accountable for my failure.

Instead I believe that I am creating a melodious bond. More often than not, I get personal satisfaction and a peaceful state of mind from doing so.

It’s our responsibility to make ourselves successful, not God’s. Instead of just complaining about what happened in the past, use your time with God to hope for a better future.

So remember that God is not here to grant your wishes, and he is available in the good times too.