‘Smash Brothers’ tournament challenges players on campus

Alan Rawles

Campus organizations can give students an opportunity to meet new people.

That’s exactly what Paul McGee had in mind when he started a Smash Brothers video game tournament on ULM’s campus.

“Smash Brothers” is a competitive fighting game involving multiple players controlling popular Nintendo characters in an arena battle.

The two versus two tournament was held in the Bayou Suites Study Lounge for anyone who is a fan of the game series. It is a free entry tournament with prizes awarded to the best teams.

Paul McGee, a junior public relations major, started this tournament with a central purpose in mind.

“I wanted people with common interests to get together,” McGee said.

This is not the first Smash Brothers tournament that McGee has organized and he hopes it will not be the last.

“I want to start doing the tournaments once a month at least,” McGee said.

Over 40 people were in attendance at this tournament to participate and watch.

McGee counted 20 teams that were participating in the tournament.

Nathaniel Willoughby, a sophomore kinesiology major, was in attendance as a participant for the tournament.

“I attended because I was challenged,” Willoughby said.

Willoughby also mentioned how the tournament can bring people together.

“It brings the community together. It helps people meet new friends and new people,” Willoughby said.

Players are encouraged to bring their own controllers if they wish to participate. The game is played on the Wii U console.

McGee has set up a Facebook page for this tournament with updates on tournament dates and details for students who are interested in participating.

This tournament provides an alternative event for students who want to both become involved with campus life and play video games with friends.

Check the tournament Facebook page for future competitions.