Acapella group ‘Pentatonix’ pops up with platinum

Cory Thaxton

Its sharpness and soul made Pentatonix one of the most popular and well-known a cappella groups outside of The Barden Bellas.

Pentatonix aren’t exactly new artists.

They won the hit a cappella singing competition “The Sing-Off” back in 2011 and they have been releasing cover albums every since.

But Pentatonix have really been making a name for themselves lately after having their Christmas album go platinum, winning their very first Grammy and finally releasing their very first album debuting all original songs.

Pentatonix consist of Kirstie Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola.

The five of them take a creative leap forward with this album, crafting originals with the same energy, detail and richness that made their cover songs so beloved.

Why should you be listening to them?

Because PTX are pop geniuses, creating magic with just voice, handclaps and beatbox and they prove that in songs like “Sing” and “Na Na Na”.

They flow effortlessly between styles; “Misbehavin” takes it cues from a doo-wop sound, “Ref” can fit in with any electronic dance music set, and “First Things First” feels like a lost Timbaland track.

I really like this album. The sound is great. There is variety with all of their original songs.

It proves that PTX deserves to be where they are.

The only complain I would have about the album is that it feels like the Scott show.

It’s more like Scott Hoying and his quartet instead of Pentatonix.

Scott has a great voice and is a great leader but the other members should have had more solos.

Other than that this album is a a well-made work of art that deserve a lot of attention.

This groundbreaking a cappella group has certainly put their best foot forward with this album.

PTX has already proven they are more than just a talented cover group and for that I thank them.