SGA plans ahead for campus changes

Olivia Barfield

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Changes are in the air around ULM, and it’s not just the seasons.

At the last SGA meeting of the semester, senators observed that several small changes have been made to the university after Lunch with the President.

At the luncheon, senators addressed the concerns they and fellow students have about ULM.

The most recent Lunch with the President was two weeks ago. Senators addressed administration with various topics ranging from water pressure to library hours.

So far, they have noticed water pressure is much better in places where it had been terrible, such as the Student Center. The water fountains are now useable.

Administration also granted the request to extend library hours by 30 minutes in the morning.

Students received an email this week saying that the library will open at 7 a.m. from now on instead of 7:30 a.m.

SGA is waiting to hear back or see changes on other issues brought up at Lunch with the President.

Senators also discussed new plans to thank local businesses for their support of ULM.

One idea discussed was a “Warhawk Best” award that would allow students to vote on their favorite businesses and restaurants in a variety of different categories.

Senators also voted to grant the Student Athletic Advisory Committee an RSO Scholarship worth $500. The scholarship will help the beach volleyball team to attend a significant invitational tournament in Hawaii.

“I want to be a part of this tournament, not just for myself, I want to do it for ULM,” said Claire Crossfield, a beach volleyball player representing SAAC.

SGA’s budget is $92,263.09.