‘Fallout 4’ radiates with great story

Alan Rawles

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A post-nuclear world is waiting to be seen in “Fallout 4.”

“Fallout 4” is a first or third person action role-playing open world game that takes place in a post-nuclear Northeastern United States.

Players will have the ability to create their personal character and participate on goal-driven quests. While there is a main goal that the player character is striving for, there are other side quests to complete. The Wasteland presents many dangers outside of quests. Mutated animals and hostile raiders can attack the player at any time.

Players are given various ways to fend off attacks from these hostile groups. Traditional guns are present as well as laser and plasma weaponry.

Different types of armor can also be equipped to soften the blow from damage. This includes the famous power armor that has appeared in previous games. Power armor is now a more powerful item, but it requires a fuel source to be able to use it.

The people of the Commonwealth that aren’t actively trying to kill the player vary greatly in personality. Some are obsessed with wiping out any threat to human civilization, while others are just trying to survive the wasteland themselves.

The game gives the player various goals to accomplish, but it doesn’t force the player to be confined to those goals. The vast number of quests and locations keep presenting new challenges to experience.

The expansive world that is present has a lot to offer in terms of exploration with a unique location around every corner.

The “Fallout 4” world is just begging to be seen by any player who wishes to be dropped into an irradiated atmosphere filoaded with content–welcome to a new nuclear paradise!