You, 2.0

ULM Hawkeye

Did you know the concept of new year resolutions has been around since ancient civilization?

Self-betterment was a thing even before togas were out and iPhones were in.

But resolutions can be tricky.

We set a goal only to realize our ambition outshines our perseverance.

We half-heartedly pass the cookie tray in January but by March all resolve melts into shameless indulgence.

We start out reading each textbook chapter, highlighting notes and studying days in advance but by the middle of the school year, frenzied all-nighters abound.

Sound familiar?

But what about “those” people? You know, the ones who actually stick to their resolution and find success.

The key is practicality. They do not decide one day to run a marathon after months of couch lounging.

Instead, running habits are developed, causing lifestyle change. And one day, with time, they really will run a marathon.

Lasting change will not happen overnight, in a week or even in a month. Such an overwhelming expectation leads to failed resolutions.

Instead, results occur through mindful and practical application.

Remember that self-discipline is necessary but so is pleasure. Follow the Romans advice of everything in moderation. Eat a cookie on that tray. But then stop.

As a new semester begins, set realistic goals in your pursuit of that ultimate resolution.

Hello you, 2.0.