Bookstore switching operators, becoming Barnes & Noble


ULM Hawkeye

The bookstore will transition from its current operator, Follett, to Barnes and Noble beginning in February.

On Feb. 25, the bookstore will close for the purpose of inventory transition. The bookstore, which is currently located in Hanna Hall, will reopen on March 1stbookstore 2 in the newly-renovated Sandel Hall.

The bookstore’s space in Sandel Hall will be almost double  the space it occupies now, according to Tommy Walpole, executive director auxiliary enterprises.

The bookstore’s entrance will face the SCC and the SUB.

Existing staff will stay on and work under the new management.

According to Walpole, the bookstore will continue to offer its Price Match program and sections similar to what is offered now, including the addition of a “robust general reading section.”

Ashley Williams, a junior English major, is excited about the bookstore stocking recreational reading books.

“I don’t normally feel like I have time for leisure reading when class is in session, but I still think it’s great that the option will be available,” Williams said.

Walpole says that Barnes and Noble College will manage the online bookstore website as well, which will provide faculty with access to FacultyEnlight, a “streamlined textbook adoption platform,” Walpole said.