Project 17 welcomes internationals Louisiana style

Traneshia Stormer

Green, purple and gold streamers hung from the ceiling. Masks and beads were spread across tables.

Most people associate these things with Mardi Gras, but for many international students these things are just decorations.

Project 17, a culmination of all the Christian ministries on campus, organized the International Student Welcome Party on Friday. This event was not only to welcome them, but to give them a taste of the Mardi Gras experience.

The students learned about Mardi Gras through a trivia game.

Edidiong Udofia, junior biology major from Nigeria, said she learned that Mardi Gras was once a Christian holiday with roots in Ancient Rome.

They also learned the meaning of Mardi Gras, what each color means, about the traditional dessert and other Mardi Gras fun facts.

The international students were also able to taste some traditional foods such as gumbo, jambalaya, boudin and barbecue meatballs.

“These foods tasted like foods from home,” said Suvash Acharya, freshman computer science major from Nepal.

The event ended with dancing. Music associated with the South and Mardi Gras was played. International students were able to learn the moves to all types of dances.