Smart studying, successful year

ULM Hawkeye

Coming back to school after a long break can be difficult. Finding those study habits hidden away in hibernation can be even harder.

So what’s a student to do?

It’s easy just to show up for class then retreat to that cozy bed and some quality Netflix time. After all, the semester is just beginning. There’s nothing major due, it’s really cold outside and your motivation gauge is low.

But time has a way of sneaking by, especially during the spring semester. Due dates arrive sooner than later, unless you’re prepared.

Preparation doesn’t have to be hard. The first line of business is to implement a planning system. Whether you keep track of important dates and assignments on a piece of paper, your phone or an agenda, writing it down can make all the difference.

Prioritize your time. Time is a precious commodity for college students. We have busy lives. A full load of classes, extracurricular activities and a to-do list for days can be overwhelming. But pinpointing weekly priorities lets you see what to focus on first.

Sometimes though, all the planning in the world won’t be enough. There will be a forgotten assignment. There will be a test taken lacking preparation because the moon and you were up working on an equally important project.

But as long as you strive for success and take responsibility for your performance, you’ll do great.

The semester got off to a slow start with a short week, but it’s time to kick it into gear.