Career Connections takes step to success

Pujan Dahal

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The conference hall of the office of Career Connections was full of students who attended the “Hire Ed to Hired” workshop last Wednesday. Anna Gasperecz of the Office of Career Connections said that self-assessment improves students’ learning.

The workshop focused on a student’s four years of college and the different stairs they must climb to succeed to get hired after graduation.

According to Gasperecz, the freshman year is the year of assessment and exploration. She said that one has to be focused on all career interests, get involved in student organizations and stay focused on studies.

She also insisted that students start working on a resume, including everything they are involved in.

Gasperecz classified the sophomore year of college as “the year of setting the stage.” She said that one should start getting involved in an organization related to their major. She also added that sophomores should begin to meet professionals in their field.

“The sophomores should start building a network, they should keep their ‘career connections’ profile updated and apply for financial aid on time,” Gasperecz said.

Gasperecz added that sophomores should have mentors to look after his or her performance and evaluate it properly. She said that mentors could be professors, friends or even family.

Garperecz called the junior year of college the year of experience and experimentation. She said that juniors should look for field experience.

“This is the time when they should start planning for summer internships. Juniors should identify their references and not miss any career fairs,” Gasperecz said.

A students senior year is the year of the job search, Gasperecz said. She said that the average job search takes 8-9 months, therefore one must start early.

Gasperecz said that students will hear ‘no’ before they hear ‘yes’.

“Participate in all workshops and fairs and you will hear a ‘yes’,” Gasperecz said.

Adalia Preiser, a pre-pharmacy major, said that the career workshop was pragmatic for her.

“I am undecided on my major and this workshop helped me to take a focus test and figure out what major I can get into. I plan to go to more of these events and keep myself updated,” she said.