Valentine’s Day the ‘Wright’ way

Cory Thaxton

“Love is a gift from God. I guess I would say when you love someone, it means you care for them deeply and are willing to put them above yourself,” said sophomore pre-pharmacy major, Katie Wright.

Zakinya Shaw, junior spanish major agrees with Wright. Shaw said, “love is more of a feeling that comes from God first because he is love and we can feel the love he has for us.”

Valentines Day is right around the corner. Love is in the air and Wright is ready for it!

While other student might be in their dorms watching tv or eating candy, Wright plans to get out into the community.

“I will be going to the Simple Project Valentine’s Banquet with the BCM,” she said.

During this event Wright and others will be reaching out to homeless men, women and children in the Monroe area.

Wright also jokes by saying maybe her boyfriend will surprise her, although she doesn’t mind just watching a good movie with some popcorn and spending quality time with the guy she loves.

When Wright was in junior high, she and her boyfriend were celebrating their first Valentine’s Day together.

They had all kinds of big plans. Everything they wanted to do kept getting “messed up!”

They ended up at a Sonic, sitting, goofing around and eating greasy food.

“I loved the whole evening because even though it didn’t go as planned we had more fun than we could have in a fancy place, and now we still go to Sonic on some special occasions because it became our thing,” Wright said.

Valentine’s Day, it comes every year whether you like it or not.

It is the day when you love life is put on display, where there is always a chance for romance.

It can be confusing. It can be complicated. But at the end of the day is all about love.

With all the love in her heart, this will be a Valentine’s Day for Wright to remember.