Loss of Legends

Pujan Dahal

Multiple music legends have left us the past few weeks, including Natalie Cole and Lemmy of Motorhead fame.

Then the Eagles’ Glenn Frey died suddenly, just a week after David Bowie.

Music instructor Sanchez Mallory said that there are no other musicians like them and their ‘uniqueness’ make them so special.

She added, “No one will ever be able to copy what Glenn Frey has done in the Eagles or what David Bowie has created.

They each have their own style and it’s very distinct to them.

Mallory said that people like ‘real music’, something that they don’t get to hear all the time.

She illustrated Queen’s Freddie Mercury to express that the idiosyncratic attitude and the passion, musicians have, keep them alive even after their death.

She added “Frey really thought about his song and made them so real and personal, putting his life into them. He sang it in a way that nobody could copy it.” She said Frey’s ‘Heartache Tonight’ is her personal favorite which she finds to be very powerful.

“His emotion and presentation will keep him alive for his people.”

The adulteration in the world of music worries Mallory a lot.

“The old days musicians played more of their music. A part from drums and guitars, they had their heart for music in the stage” said Mallory.

She said that the new music is ‘machine made’ and it lacks the authentic musical luster.

“This is the significance of the old musicians- they have their definite musical identity”

Mallory said that music is supposed to change.

“Music develops with the wave of time but we must not forget the ones who paved the path of melody for us.

It was even before the time of ‘Eagles’ or ‘Blues’. It is important to remember how we got to where we are now.”

“I refer my students to old bands like Beatles and Eagles because I want this generation to know the reason for the music we have today and that these artists inspire the modern day artists” said Mallory.

Nishant Narsing Shrestha, computer and information systems major said that he is deeply grieved by the death of David Bowie.

“I like the way he sang Nirvana’s ‘Man Who Sold The World’. It’s just breath-taking.”

Shrestha said that he was his reason to get into music.

“I used to cover his songs in my own way. His presence will be greatly missed.”