Phone app to help on-campus parking

Alan Rawles

Parking lots around campus are expected to change this semester. New signs and more handicap parking are just a few of the improvements that will help make parking easier.

New parking lot signs have been ordered. These signs will help drivers identify who can park in that particular lot.

More available parking is located at various locations on campus. Handicap parking have been made available near Hannah Hall and there are fewer restricted parking spots next to the Activity Center.

Tom Torregrossa, director of University Police Department, said they are taking it all a step at a time.

“We look at the University as a whole and break it down per lot,” Torregrossa said.

The department has recently updated its website. The new website can help provide information for both students and guests.

Torregrossa said a new smartphone app will help students in finding parking spots.

This smartphone app will be registered under the ULM police department. One of the application’s uses will also help students and faculty know if there is an open spot in a particular parking lot.

The improvements are sure to make parking more efficient.

Markeia May, senior nursing major, said she is happy to see more parking improvements, but still have concerns about her safety when she has to park far from her night classes.

“I almost had to call the police to escort me,” May said.

The Hawkeye will have updates as more details develop.