Economy, education crippled by constitutional restriction

ULM Hawkeye

Gov. John Bel Edwards uttered shocking words Thursday.

Students across the state heard “TOPS suspension.” Higher education heard “university shutdowns” and “incomplete.”

Incomplete? Years of determination, caffeine-fueled study nights and stressed tears to be told “incomplete?”

Is this really happening?

Or is it a well-timed plan to raise proposed taxes?

Either way, Louisiana will hurt.

Bi-partisan government must invest time into a thoughtful solution.

But the answer is not to bankrupt an already fragile higher-education system.

Or to just raise taxes. Making more layoffs and industry cost-cuttings have already impacted the state and increased taxes on struggling businesses and families will only maximize the problem.

There is no wiggle room and the state will feel it. The budget needs balance and to do so requires hard decisions at every level.

A solution? Constitutional reform.

Budget cuts need to be spread across the board, not just focused on a few entitities.

It’s time to diagnose the root issue. Surgery is necessary. A temporary Band-Aid attempt will not work.

Andy Warhol said, “Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”

Louisiana government, give us art. Don’t give us good art. Give us the best art.