Kanye promotes sexism, not art

Ashley Lyons

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Kanye West is being sexist again and we need to address it.

Now I hate the word problematic and I think there is something to be said about how easily offended people get in the media. But it really strikes a cord with me that such a prominent public figure continues to say the things he does about women.

Within the past few weeks, West has dragged Amber Rose and her child into an argument between him and another man, and proclaimed that alleged serial rapist, Bill Cosby, is innocent with no actual evidence.

Yes, innocent until proven guilty, but it just makes me wonder what West must truly think of the 50 women who have come forward. Does he actually know something or is he just being the controversial, loud mouth we know him to be?

I’m more inclined to believe the latter. His newest song “Famous” features the line “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that [b-word] famous.”

The implication there is that she should have sex with him because in West’s twisted mind he did something for Swift – made her famous. And now she has to pay him her dues.

Not only is that untrue and disrespectful to Swift but also Kim Kardashian. It also perpetuates the disgusting belief that if you do anything for a woman she should have sex with you.

He has a new album out and he needs attention. And like I’ve seen so many people continue to say it’s just “Kanye being Kanye.”

Except we have to stop excusing disgusting behavior in that kind of manner. It’s no different than saying “boys will be boys.”

The implication behind “boys will be boys” tells them that it’s in their nature to act a certain way and that they have no self-control. It teaches girls to deal with it.

Yet Swift gets dragged through the mud for writing about past flings and being emotional. Why aren’t we dismissing that by saying girls will be girls?

Especially since that is the type of reputation many young girls get pegged with – the boy crazy psycho.

Because it’s just as ridiculous as “boys will be boys.”

Is this a first world feminist problem? Yes it is, but in this specific American society where feminism, racial activism and social justice is more mainstream you would think we’d be further along than this.

So stop degrading women in pop culture and music. Any “art” where you have to bring down marginalized or minority groups isn’t art. West has some weird obsession with degrading Amber Rose, Swift, and his own wife. He obviously doesn’t respect women.

Think about North West listening to her father’s lyrics where he refers to her mother as a [b-word] and references her sex tape? This isn’t the kind of culture we need to raise children in.