Fitbits captures weird moments

Cory Thaxton

Fitbit’s have taken the world by storm and they have a lot of interesting features.

A Fitbit can constantly track your steps, heart rate, and burned calories.

They are also starting to pick up a lot of interesting data.

Recently a man’s Fitbit captured the exact moment he felt heartbreak.

28-year-old Koby Soto got a call from his boyfriend.

“He said that we’re going to have to cancel, and I said ‘Why?’ and he said, ‘Things are not working as they should,’” Soto recalled in an interview with BuzzFeed News. “I said, ‘Are you serious? You’re doing this over the phone?’”

To Soto’s surprise, the app displayed data for the entire day, starting in the morning, when his average resting heart rate was a calm 72 beats per minute, and from noon onwards, when the call came and his heart rate immediately climbed past 88.

It was elevated for most of the afternoon, at one point nearly reaching 118, and finally dipped back to normal levels at night.

A couple from NYC says they found out an important piece of data from a Fitbit: They are expecting their first child.

The mom-to-be’s fitbit was recording her resting heart rate at a high range, sometimes up to 110 beats a minute.

A normal resting heart rate for an adult is about 60 to 100 beats a minute, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The husband took to a Reddit forum asking if the device might be defective and one person asked if it was possible if his wife was pregnant.

After he told his wife what he had read, she took a test, which came back positive. She is now about a month along in her pregnancy.