The future of television

Cory Thaxton


Apps are the future of television. On your mobile devices and computers,we already use apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes to watch TV shows.

And that’s exactly where TV in the living room is headed. Apps have liberated television. They allow you to make individual choices about what you want to watch. And when and where you want to watch it.

With the new Apple TV and its powerful new tvOS, developers are creating experiences that will change what we expect from the big screen, making  TV feel as personal as an iPhone or iPad.


The App Store makes its TV debut. Apps that turns a living room into a fitness studio or a classroom. Even multiplayer games that redefine family game night. Apple can’t wait to see where developers take this.

Touch surface

Touch forever changed how we interact with our phones. Now it comes to the remote. Use your thumb on the Touch surface of the Siri Remote to scroll, select, and navigate your TV screen effortlessly.

Siri remote

What’s the best way to find something to watch?

Just ask Siri. Ask Siri to give you a few options, like “Show me popular TV shows.”

Siri automatically searches across popular services like iTunes, Netflix, and more, so you don’t have to dig through each app individually. Ask to hear an album that just dropped, and Siri starts playing it from Apple Music.

You can even ask Siri to launch a specific app. The Siri Remote lets you focus on the entertainment.

New interface

Your TV screen is all the way across the room. That’s why the experience of using Apple TV is designed to let you feel like you’re interacting directly with your TV, not separated from it.

The new Apple tv starts at $149.