Enjoy outdoors with firewatch

Alan Rawles

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Firewatch presents players with a beautiful world and intriguing story.

The recreation of Yellowstone National Park gives players a great environment to explore while enjoying the suspenseful story.

Firewatch is a first-person adventure game.

Players are placed in the shoes of Henry, a middle-aged man who is estranged from his wife.

Henry takes a job as a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness during the summer of 1989.Henry’s supervisor Delilah provides the only other human interaction.

Players communicate through the use of a handheld radio to talk to Delilah.

The game starts with the typical fire lookout tasks, but mysterious occurrences begin to make Henry and Delilah’s summer a lot more interesting.

The voice acting of Henry, Mad Men’s Rich Sommer, and Delilah, Telltale Games The Walking Dead’s Cissy Jones, made me think that I was watching a top TV drama.

The emotion put into both roles made me engage in every imgresdialogue option that I could find.

Choices made in the game can have either a positive or negative impact later in the game.

I made a choice to toss a loud radio into a lake and was scolded by Delilah later in the story for doing so.

While these various choices can impact dialogue options, there is only one true ending that all players will reach.

The various choices will mainly impact how Delilah responds to Henry during conversations.

The suspense that is constantly building throughout the game kept me intrigued.

I desperately wanted to explore all corners of the map to see what was hidden.

The secrets that the story holds combined with the well-crafted world kept me entertained in the 4 hours it took to complete the game.

There is unfortunately an issue with the story in Firewatch.

The game falls flat when it comes to the ending.

The final conclusion to this story driven game needed to be stronger to make the game more rewarding to finish.

Firewatch is a great game that is focused on rich narrative and beautiful scenery.

Henry and Delilah have a great chemistry that will keep players intrigued in the conversations.