Students’ art work crawls into halls


Alan Rawles

Art students had the opportunity to display their works at this semester’s Art Crawl.

A wide variation of students created art was displayed at various locations across campus. The artwork displayed is meant to show the student’s talent. None of the art was tied to a central theme.

Students display whatever work they are currently working on. A couple art pieces featured political features. Other artwork had a focus on the perception of beauty. The different art pieces were displayed on varying media. Some artists chose to display oil paintings, while others chose to use digital photography, etc.

Art students started the Art Crawl event last semester.

“It is an all student run and coordinated event,”said Joni Noble, associate professor.

Noble is an administrative supervisor for the Art Crawl, and she is hoping that the event will continue in the following semester. Students displaying their art have the option of putting the art up for sale. All proceeds for sold art will go directly to the artists.

The art is divided based on the skill level of the artists. Bry Hall housed guest artist Vitus Shell. Shell’s art will be on display until Feb. 24.

The sculpture garden behind Biedenharn Hall showcased larger works of art. Walker Hall displayed the “Earthly Inspirations” collection by Mara Loeb, associate professor..

Walker also showcased various works created by art students. The advanced art students had art on display in the second floor studios of Stubbs Hall.

Jalen Jack, a junior graphic design major, was showing his art to fellow students in Stubbs. Jack has been interested in art most of his life.

“I’ve been interested since a young age. I remember starting to make designs when I was five,” Jack said.

Continuing the Art Crawl next year can provide attendees the opportunity to see the progression of skill in the art students. Attendees might also see new students who are on their path to a career in the artistic field.