Hawks go Hollywood with production company

Pujan Dahal

Samrat Hamal Dhakal dreams of having his name in ‘the Hollywood walk of fame’.

For this, Dhakal along with a bunch of other enthusiastic boys started ‘Wonderland Motion Pictures’, a movie production company

“We all have love for movies and passion for making them which brought us together. Movie making is the best way to learn acting, animation, and dubbing,” said Dhakal, founder and freshman computer Science major.

“It’s the best time utilization and refreshment too.”

Dhakal said that the main objective of the company is to change ‘the face of Nepali movies’.

“We want to globalize the Nepali movie industry to showcase the Nepali diversity.”

He said that the production company would focus in making short movies.

“Short movies are very precise and powerful”

Hamal added that the Wonderland Motion Pictures was established in Nepal two years back, however the team stopped for a while due to the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

“Now after all the office holders are back on track, the production company shall run at full pace”

Siddhartha Gaulee who is the unit production manager of the Wonderland Motion Pictures, said that ‘1 minute movie’ was the first movie of their production company.

“It was well acknowledged in the 60 second international film festival.”

Gaulee said that they are now looking forward to work in the project ‘Memory of Memories”, which they could not complete due to the earthquake.

Gaulee, a freshman computer science major added that it would be a short movie and the remaining shooting would be resumed soon.

Gaulee said that the team meets every weekend and works on the project.

“It’s difficult to get a time of our busy class schedule but our passion brings us together everytime.

Not to mention, our studies is always on the top of the priority list.”

Hamal said that his family is very encouraging for his project.

“My parents always support my experiments.

All of my other team mates’ families are advocating too.”

Gaulee said that funds and resources are major obstacles they face.

“We try to manage our expenses through our pocket money but it does not cover all of our expenses” Gaulee said that buying sophisticated equipment can be a real problem for them at times.

“We are collecting funds through crowd funding and website sponsors,” Gaulee said.

Dhakal said that the ULM campus environment is very sound for movie making.

“The faculty, friends and the environment too are very collaborative, Dhakal said.

“We are looking forward to start a project on campus soon.”