CAB seeks improvement for future campus events


Kandice Johnson

CAB officers
HOW TO HAVE A GOOD TIME: Alexis Porter, Michael Robowski, Dustin Hickman, Brea Joyner and Elaine Blanco attended the National Association of Campus Activities Conference in Ky. last week.

Four Campus Activity Board members and their adviser flew to Louisville, Ky. for the National Association of Campus Activities Conference last week in hopes to improve the activities and entertainment on campus.

The four-day conference consisted of campus activity board members across the nation meeting up to collect ideas from each other and meeting possible performers and vendors that can be brought to campus.

The conference was also a chance for CAB members to learn leadership skills, team building skills and problem-solving skills.

CAB President Dustin Hickman said the conference was more than just meeting interesting people and companies to work with, it was a moment to increase their “knowledge of leadership, marketing, time management and many other things.”

CAB Adviser Michael Roboski said the trip will definitely help improve entertainment at ULM.

“It’s difficult to encourage people to get out of their comfort zones and try a new experience,” said Roboski. “We are working on new ways to get campus involved and reach new audiences.”

Roboski said although some ideas haven’t worked, it is better than “relying on the same old, same old and just breezing by on easy mode.”

“This year has been a great learning experience in that,” Roboski said.

Roboski said he will work closely with officers to make activities the best they can be.