Safe decisions offset crime

ULM Hawkeye

As Americans, we’re fairly sheltered.

We don’t experience extreme religious persecution like countries in Africa and the Middle East.

There aren’t terrorist bombs exploding regularly like there are in Israel and Palestine.

We are not ruled with the iron thumb of dictatorship such as North Korea.

Still, in a time of world unrest, high crime and shows like “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,” the world is a pretty scary place.

Because of this, the line between illogical fear and common-sense wariness can be blurry.

In fact, theorist George Gerbner said the more a person watches TV, the more paranoia and fear of criminal victimization they feel.

It’s good to take that into account next time you’re grocery shopping. The woman behind you really just wants a gallon of milk. She’s not planning some robbery heist behind your back.   

Humor aside, practice safe decision-making.

According to, it’s statistically shown that crime victimization is more dependent on behavior choices than race, sex or income.

Sometimes, though, even the highest forms of protection aren’t enough and horrible things happens. This is not the victim’s fault, but the evil of the perpetrator.

To be as safe as possible, make smart choices. Be aware of your surroundings as well as the impact that rash, irresponsible decisions will cause.

And always, always call the police if you witness or encounter anything suspicious. They are there to help, protect and serve.

The ULM Police Department can be reached at 318-342-5350