‘Weediquette’ teaches about drug

Kandice Johnson

As Louisiana legislation continues to pass bills that favor legalizing marijuana, citizens of the state should consider watching Weediquette.

Vice, a media company that focuses on millennials, launched its new Viceland TV channel last week, it showcased multiple shows including Weediquette – a series hosted by Krishna Andavolu that examines the marijuana culture.

The series will elaborate on controversial topics, such as the morals of marijuana, the economic effects of marijuana, parents treating their children’s cancer with “hyper-potent weed oil” and observing the lives of popular marijuana activist, like Charlo Greene.

The first episode – Stoned Kids – focused on treating kids with medical marijuana and can be watched on YouTube or your local cable provider channel.

This show is more than entertainment, it’s a serious look into the world of marijuana.

Judging from the first episode, this is a show that supporters and adversaries should watch. I say this for three simple reasons: it focused on the real lives of the parents and children making it relatable, it gave the opposing side an inside view of marijuana supporters and it showed the changes marijuana is making in the nation and how they’re being made.

New episodes of Weediquette premiere every Tues. at 10p.m. Tune in for the next episode Stoned Vet.