Apple doesn’t want this worm in its phones

Alan Rawles

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Apple has decided not to unlock a phone owned by terrorists.

The FBI has asked Apple to develop a way into the locked iPhone so that any information on the phone may be recovered. The FBI has called on the Justice Department to bring a lawsuit against Apple so that the info will not be lost.

Apple is fighting the lawsuit with claims that building a device to break their security will put other iPhone users at risk.

The security on the iPhone has the ability to destroy the data on the phone after so many incorrect password attempts. FBI officials believe that being able to bypass the security could help future investigations where data is stored on locked devices.

“We are seeing more and more cases where we believe significant evidence resides on a phone, tablet or laptop — evidence that may be the difference between an offender being convicted or acquired,” said James Comey, director of the FBI.

A spotlight has been cast on this lawsuit. Some people are supporting the FBI in the decision to have access to the locked phone.

Others believe that Apple should not be forced to make all iPhones at risk by developing a way past the security. Terrance Sampson, a sophomore occupational therapist major, supports the FBI’s decision to have the phone unlocked.

“I could see why the FBI would want it unlocked for the information on it,” Sampson said.

Unlocking the phone could shed light on sensitive information that the suspects might have shared to others.

The FBI has good reasoning for wanting the phone information. Apple has made their case on this subject. Apple wants to keep the security of other iPhone users in mind.

Angil Manasco, a junior psychology major, agrees with Apple’s decision to protect user’s privacy.

“I believe they’re trying to take people’s rights when they’re asking Apple to give up people’s privacy,” Manasco said.

Apple said that security is the overall reason for not developing a way into the phone, but they aren’t the only people who can make a way past the iPhone’s security.