Changing the world, one Millennial at a time

ULM Hawkeye

College is demanding. Tests, deadlines and studying keep students on their toes.

But college is also rewarding. It’s a time when we learn who we are as individuals, what we believe in and the general direction we’re heading in life.

We start caring about society and world events because we’re up  to inherit the realities of life.

And yet, Millennials are often labeled as narcissistic and self-absorbed. But according to an in-depth 2015 study conducted by Cone communications, we are the most socially conscious.

Nine-in-ten Millennials ages 18 to 24 will switch brands to support a cause. We are the most likely group to consider a company’s corporate social responsibility when deciding where to work and are most active in blending our love of social media with social causes.

Self-absorbed? Not so much.

The importance our age-group places on “giving back” can be seen all around campus: the many RSO-hosted fundraisers, charity events, and campaigns raising awareness for sexually abused women and children with cancer.   

Mary Cox is one of the many students giving back; she’s going on a mission trip this summer to help the less fortunate.

Social responsibility isn’t an abstract phrase.

It’s as simple as picking up trash on the bayou to protect the turtles. Or contacting legislatures and rallying at political events. Or volunteering at schools, food banks and shelters.

Supporting a beneficial cause, whatever that may be, is social responsibility.

As the rising generation, we’re passionate about giving back.

And we’re busy caring, cleaning, advocating, supporting, exploring and building the world that will soon be ours to lead.