Going the distance for a world in need

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Going the distance for a world in need

Alan Rawles

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There are some people in the world who need a helping hand. One  student has made the choice to travel the world to help people in need.

Mary Cox, a senior nursing major, will be going across the globe to meet the needs of the less fortunate. Cox will be travelling to various countries spanning multiple continents with The World Race, an established mission trip organization.

Cox mentions that her faith is what helped her decide to make this journey.

“I asked the Lord to push me past everything,” Cox said.

That faith in God is what Cox relies on to keep her going on this prolonged journey. Cox said that she has never been away from home for more than 11 days. This journey will be a big step out of her comfort zone.

Friends of Cox also said that they believe her faith will help her adjust to being away from home.

Avery Chartier, a senior nursing major, said that the strong will that God has put in Cox’s heart will help her make it in the foreign environment.

“She does not back down from a challenge because whatever she’s chasing is something the Lord has put on her heart and there is an incredible passion inside of her that cannot be quenched,” Chartier said.

Cox will not be alone in her travels. She will be travelling on a team of five people.

“We go to one location a month. When we leave, another group comes in. The people have someone to constantly love them,” Cox said.

While this travel experience is classified as a mission trip, Cox said that there are other tasks that will be taking place besides evangelism.

“Our main focus is to serve in whatever capacity,” Cox said.

The mission trip will visit locations in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

The mission team will be farming in the communities that rely on farming to live. Some communities need houses built, so Cox and the team will spend time building houses.

Cox’s skills as a nurse will also be put to the test. She will be using the training that the nursing program has taught her to help with medical needs.

The training has given Cox enough experience to cover multiple areas of medical need.

Wendy Bailes, associate director for the school of nursing, said, “She’s been experienced with families, adults and small children,” Bailes said.

Bailes also said that Cox has experience with medical work such as psychiatric nursing and medical surgery nursing.

Cox will not be in the most luxurious places, staying in nice hotels or eating the finest local food. She will be living out of a tent and working outside amongst the people helping them to live one more day.