President Bruno aids students during flood crisis

ULM Hawkeye

The sky poured rain on Louisiana in what was dubbed the ‘Flood of 2016.’ Over 20 inches of rainfall battered Monroe in a few days. Homes flooded. Bayous became lakes. Roads closed, as did schools and universities.

The flood happened quickly, but the administration’s thoughtful outreach and effective crisis- management response to students and staff was just as prompt.

As the ULM community experienced flooding, difficulty driving and even home seclusion due to flooded roads, university President Nick Bruno avidly reached out through email and social media.

Automated emails, texts and calls through the Warhawk Alert system went out. It could have stopped there. The necessary information was relayed, after all. But  Bruno wrote personal emails to the student body providing updates, concern and valuable information regarding the flood situation, shelters and food.

He was active on social media, regularly posted on Facebook and responded to student’s queries. It sent the message that our university’s president had the students on his mind, and he successfully created an atmosphere of stability and assurance during a time of the exact opposite.

Many students were (and still are) displaced due to flooded homes. Fish swam on campus where fish are not supposed to swim. The bayou breached and water poured across Warhawk Way. People used boats as transportation and sandbags were made as fast as hands could move.

The flood caught Monroe by surprise, but ULM students and staff remained informed, cared for and updated thanks to the university’s president.

If you see Bruno, thank him for the care and concern he showed during the recent crisis as well as for all he does for this university.