Customer service should require friendly attitude

Alan Rawles

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I don’t work in customer service. But by observing customer and worker interactions, I can see that it’s a tough job.

The different attitudes that people give towards customer service workers range from friendly to inhumane.

People need to be more considerate both as the customer and as the worker.

The person serving you food doesn’t know that you had a rough day filing paperwork at the office.

That gives you no excuse to get angry at them when your steak tastes tough. You ordered it well done.

On the other side, as a customer, you don’t know what is going on in that server’s life.

For example, you have no idea that she is working multiple jobs as a single mother, barely able to give her kids birthday presents.

Have a pleasant attitude when you enter his or her place of employment. Say ‘Thank You’ when your food is brought to the table.

The way you as a customer treat a person in customer service should matter.

That person helping you is doing a job. They are being paid to interact with you. They want to make your life better by performing their job well.

Having a pleasant attitude towards servers should be a priority.

Observe what tasks the worker is doing before your personal interaction.

They might be overloaded with other duties, and now they have to help you. This is a clear sign that their day is already busy, so be kind and don’t make the day worse.

For example, a worker in foodservice might be working during rush hour. The restaurant might be short-staffed.

Observe this and don’t get upset when the server doesn’t make your table their number one priority.

Customer service workers should also be on their best behavior. Giving the customer a pleasant experience at your place of business has a positive impact in the short and long run.

People have bad things happen to them. That one customer who might have lost a job prior to shopping at your store could use a friendly smile or compliment to make their day a little better.

Being a good employee might encourage a customer to spread the word. That grateful customer could sit in their car after shopping or eating and tell their Facebook friends about their great experience.

It all comes down to attitude. Treating the other person how you want to be treated is the main principle to live by.

Store employees who treat the customers with respect should expect a positive outlook on the store.

When a customer has a good attitude with an employee, the employee has an easier time interacting with the customer.

I always try to be on my best behavior with store employees. I know that those employees are being paid to interact with me, so having a good attitude during the interaction make their day go by smoother.

Think about this next time you interact with a customer service employee.