Restore order to society in ‘The Division’

Alan Rawles

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Tom Clancy’s The Division offers players excellent gameplay and stunning visuals.

The third-person shooter gameplay mixed with an online role-playing game gives players multiple ways to enjoy the game.

The Division puts players in the role of a government sleeper agent. That agent is part of the Strategic Homeland Division, which activates to make sure the United States’ government doesn’t collapse during an extreme crisis.

Players are tasked with building a base of operations to help the remnants of the military restore order. Various primary missions will help upgrade the medical, tech and security wing of the base.

The role-playing elements of the game allow for a loot system for weapons and gear.

Killing enemies and finding specific chests allow the player to gain new equipment.

The loot drops often, making it a wasted effort to purchase new gear from vendors.

I have only bought three weapons from vendors.

Players can join groups to tackle tougher areas of enemies.

Playing with other people gives the game a more tactical focus.

This allows players multiple ways to attack enemies and it helps assign roles amongst the group.

A player versus player area called the Dark Zone offers higher loot rewards for risky players.

The Dark Zone has traditional enemies, but these enemies are significantly stronger.

Fellow players are also a threat in the Dark Zone. Players are not forced to attack fellow players and doing so puts a bounty on the attacker’s head

The loot obtained must be extracted by helicopter at extraction zones. Intense situations develop when multiple players meet at these extraction zones adding an adrenaline rush to the gameplay.

The Division does suffer from some technical glitches.

I have fallen through the bottom of the map while entering a subway station.

Repetitive side missions can become monotonous in the leveling-up process.

While the abundance of side missions is a welcome sign, the diversity is lacking.

The Division gives players a great urban environment to enjoy with multiple ways to enjoy the game. Small hiccups hinder the game from being perfect, but the time spent saving New York City will ultimately keep player interest high.