Post-Spring Break: Motivation falls short

ULM Hawkeye

This spring break, you did one of three things. You, lucky you, hit the beach and forgot about school. You stayed (or drove) home for a staycation. Or, your week consisted of full workdays and studying.

Though two of those options were far more enjoyable than the obvious third, all of us are back. It’s the spring semester’s last stand. #SS2K16. Bless.

The fact that we’ve got a little more than a month left of school is unreal. But it’s not like anyone’s counting. Right?

With the final leg to run, it’s easy to get distracted. Senioritis is a thing. As is Sophomoritis. Probably facultyitus too. Your favorite show holds precedence to a paper due tomorrow. It’s not a hard decision. Until tomorrow.

Basically, our willpower is wavering. But it’s not something to feel too bad about.

As college students, we push ourselves beyond the limit. There’s a lot going on, and it’s impossible to give our full attention to academics, friends, social outings and ourselves. So by the time April rolls around, our tank is understandably nearing fume-level lows.

Acknowledge how hard it can be to finish the semester with motivation. Accept the fact that everything on your list isn’t going to get done. Some things need priority, and some can wait. Learn when to say yes, but also when to say no. Less stress for the win.

Acknowledging difficulty is different than ignoring responsibility. Though we all sometimes procrastinate work in preference for down-time, that down-time is what helps us (barely) escape burnout.

The next month will be both hectic and exciting. Most importantly, enriching.

Stay strong, Warhawks. As a totally cheesy but necessary throwback to middle school’s greatest hit, we really are all in this together.